Thursday, December 28, 2006

What are little girls made of?

These 2 cutties were spotted last fall in Watsonville at the UCI cross race. Vanderkitten's in training, indeed!

Wait, where did they get the kids stuff? Will there be more coming? Where can I get it?

In March we'll be unveiling a bunch of new prints for the Vanderkitty's. Limited supply available, so contact us and we'll see what we have!

FRESH!! Delicious!!

So, you wanna be famous, and model for a company that changes people's lives everyday? A company who realizes the sky's the limit? You know if you have what it takes, and we are ready to listen.

Drop us a line if you will be in the San Francisco Bay Area in March of 2007 and we'll keep you in the loop for our 2007 catalog: Delicious.

Monday, December 25, 2006


Jennie says ALOHA while rockin the new ZEAL AIRSTEAMS at the Kona Airport. The TSA officials tackled me while trying to snap a picture of the plane, so this had to do.

Jennie is 5 1/2 mos pregnant and the baby is finally starting to have (its) way with her 6-pack and a little pouch is showing. We are so excited! We finished the Vanderkitten mountain bike justi n time for her to not be able to ride it, we got her ROCK LOBSTER road frame repainted to match just in time for her to go on one ride and say "I'd rather go to spin class", and, well, at least she's ready for the spring and early summer to get back in action on the 2-wheelers.

Please Hammer, Don't Hurt 'Em

One of our bestest friends, Mandy, lives the Vanderkitten dream. She focuses her energy on bicycle racing while preparing to attend UVA for her MBA. She's balance in motion.

Mandy has a thirst for life and finds refreshment in meeting new people along her path. Check her out in 2007 riding for Team Target Training and BE SURE to check out her blog!!

She just nabbed 2nd place at the National Cyclocross Championships in Rhode Island in the Master's 30-35 division. CONGRATS BABE!!!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

The Word On Tha Street Is... DIVASONIC

More and more people email us thanking us for introducing them to Divasonic, based right here in Oakland, CA. A unique, sultry blend of beats, grooves, flutes, piano and virtuosity make her work stand out from the rest. Get your dance on!

If you want to get a quick fix, check out her MySpace page with her latest Music pumpin'

Tell her Vanderkitten sent you, and enjoy the ride!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Hot Off The Press:
Queen of the Galaxy Barb Howe takes you inside Vanderkitten like never before! Who's behind this thing, and what's the cat all about? Learn answers to this and more in
Barb's diary on Cycling!

We've already started getting orders from around the globe! Do you feel it about to launch? We do, and it's going to be one hell of a fun ride!!

Monday, October 30, 2006

The Store List: Vanderkitten is available online through our website, and through a growing network of independent stores and lifestyle shops. Check out the list or RECOMMEND A STORE NEAR YOU!

We've moved the retailer list to its very own Blog to accomodate its exponential growth!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Very Important Pussycats- The Velo Bella's!!!!
October 15th is the first SURF CITY CYCLOROSS race in Soquel, CA. We're sponsoring the Women's A's race with cash and prizes. This is a group of hard working ladies that make the sacrifices in life to stay competitive! Come see our Velo Bella Kona race girls in action! Check out the Velo Bella website for more!!!


Sunday, September 24, 2006


Our friend Mike Ahrens has been designing custom mountain bike frames for over 10 years. His frames manage to handle amazingly with a ride quality that is unmatched! We thought it was time to bring these bitchin' frames to masses and get some women who ride to take notice!

ENTER THE APEX W. I am not actually sure what this thing's called, but I know it starts out as a lightened version of the venerable Apex Hardtail. If you want to geek out, instead of the normal frame construction, Mike designs and makes "yokes" for the rear of the bike to control stiffness, ride quality and give his frame a unique look!

ENTER VANDERKITTEN. We decided Ahrens needed some more feminine appeal, so in a pseudo self-serving move we offered to come up with a special graphics kit for his women's frames! His frames are not "smaller guys frames" ladies, these take into account our need for more stand-over clearance, our lower center of gravity and for many of us a shorter reach to the bars. Make no mistake, these kitties are no slouch, these are fully competiton-ready handbuilt framsets.

We have a few frames being produced now that we'll have at the SurfCity CX series. One will be a complete bike you can come and ride! (Gotta warn you: it's Jennie's frame, she's 5'9"). Emma Worldpeace (that's her name, don't wear it out!) will be riding a steel is real rendition with the VK graphics. Emma is an expert woman on the Cal Cycling team. She is the VP of the team and does A TON of work getting cycling to the people! (See picture of her biting seat below).

If your intersted in a frame, check out or send us an email and we'll get you lined up!

Fall is an exciting time for Vanderkitten! We are busy planning products for 2007, getting ready for the Surf City Cyclocross series with Velo Bella Kona cycling team, and trying toget everything done!

We recently moved to Berkeley, and everything is still in a small state of flux. We'll have more room, and 2 new people helping out, Emma and Tsering. Mark Zefeldt, who came aboard mid-summer will continue to work the business angles, and Jennie is always testing new products!

We have an ever-growing list of retailers in the Bay Area, sacto and as far North as Bend Oregon! It's awesome to expand and get the message out!!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Welcome to Vanderkitten, Clothing for women who kick ass!

We design hip, causal and active apparel and accessories for self-assured, stylish women of all ages!

Vanderkitten is derived from the Dutch- "van der" meaning "of the", and "kitten" meaning "young cat usual marked by it's frisky, adoable nature."

We are one year old as of March, so the excitement is just beginning!