Friday, June 29, 2007

Street Bike Stunter

Shauna (Krazy8z) ( from Renton WA loves motorcycles. Enough that she has a Honda CBR600rr Street and Stunt bike. Shauna, you can only ride one at a time! Whether out for a casual ride or pullin’ the front wheel off the ground for some circles, Shauna has proven that she is a huge proponent of female riders… is Vanderkitten. Along with full time work and full time play, she is also an officer to her local chapter of Chic Riders ( Check them out! Chic Riders is more than just a motorcycle club! They give back to their communities by organizing fund raisers/rides to benefit charities. Getting the community involved and making them aware of the "cycle world", having fun, they ride!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Vanderkitten Introduces 2007 Athletes and Products

For Immediate Release
Berkeley, CA
June 11, 2007

Vanderkitten, Clothing for Women Who Kick Ass, supports women’s creative and athletic endeavors in music, cycling, motorsports, and snowsports. Women can wear Vanderkitten clothing while on or off the bike and exude strength and style. The cycling-inspired clothing company, established in March 2005 by the husband-and-wife team of Dave Verrecchia and Jennie Vanderlaag, recently unveiled a new website complete with its 2007 product line.

Says Verrecchia, “Cycling is a way of life for many women, including the couriers and that inspired the cycling caps and Fixies T-shirt design. Women ride bikes everyday, in any number of ways, and we have a design for each of them.”

Unique graphics play a leading role in the 2007 product line. In addition to casual tops, hoodies, and hats, Vanderkitten offers technical cycling shorts and jerseys in bold, yet feminine prints. Ophelia, the sassy snaggletooth kitty of the Vanderkitten logo appears in only a few of the new designs. Ophelia, by the way, is alive and well-pampered in Berkeley, CA. Vanderkitten graphics adorn limited-edition Team Ahrens bike frames, as well as Emily Phillips’ 2007 KX250F dirt bike and the Les Schwab-outfitted Vanderkitten dune buggy. The full 2007 product line and specialty graphics can be viewed at

Vanderkitten is committed to helping women achieve their athletic and artistic goals. This spring, Vanderkitten helped skier Didi Lawrence fulfill her dream of skiing first descents in Nepal. The brand sponsors the Kona Velo Bella cycling team, and was the title sponsor of the 2006 Surf City Cyclocross series women’s races. For the fall of 2007, Vanderkitten is piloting its own women’s cyclocross team. Vanderkitten supports an ever-growing list of established and up-and-coming athletes and artists through its Very Important Pussycat (ViP) program. Women interested in joining the cyclocross team or becoming a ViP should send resumes to

2007 Vanderkitten ViPs
Rachel Pearl: Singer, Songwriter:
Divasonic- Lynda Arnold: Singer, Songwriter:
Velo Bella Kona Cycling Team:
Cal Cycling Team, U.C. Berkeley:
Mandy Lozano: Road, Cyclocross
Liz Hatch: Road
Leigh Valetti: Road
Cara McCauley: Road
Jenny Willhite: Road
Mary Maroon: Road, Track
Maureen Kunz: XC Mountain
Emma Worldpeace: XC Mountain
Jackie Baker: DH Mountain
Didi Lawrence: Ski
Emily Phillips: Motocross
Shauna “Krazy8z” Young: Motorcycle Stunt

For media inquiries, contact Jackie Baker through For sales inquiries, contact Dave Verrecchia through

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Two Wheels – With an Engine!

John Zamora, Associate Editor @ Super Street Bike has gotten his hands on some chic Vanderkitten apparel. Check out page 106 of the current issue (June 2007 – on sale now) for the full review!

“We’re not too sure what a cute kitty has to do with an action lifestyle, but Vanderkitten claims that its clothes are for girls who “kick ass.” So, if you’re a lady who kicks ass, you are entitled to sport an outfit from the Vanderkitten line……..”

Friday, June 01, 2007

Yaris! Yaris! Yaris!

This year, to help curb the depletion of fossil fuels, the staff at Vanderkitten has equipped themselves with some fuel efficient Toyota Yari (Yaris). With and EPA rating of 40mpg, we’ve more than halved our fuel consumption. Of course we did have to put some VK style into them (not currently offered by Toyota USA). Keep an eye out for the Yari! I feel a track day coming soon! Are you interested in joining us? Let us know!!!

2007 Toyota Yaris