Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Two Wheels – With an Engine!

John Zamora, Associate Editor @ Super Street Bike has gotten his hands on some chic Vanderkitten apparel. Check out page 106 of the current issue (June 2007 – on sale now) for the full review!

“We’re not too sure what a cute kitty has to do with an action lifestyle, but Vanderkitten claims that its clothes are for girls who “kick ass.” So, if you’re a lady who kicks ass, you are entitled to sport an outfit from the Vanderkitten line……..”


Team Lost Coast Brewery said...

Good job on the blog Vanderkitten! Love the pics from the Moto mag, that's super hott! Keep up the blogging, love to hear what's new in the Vandernation :)

Team Lost Coast Brewery said...

PS- gotta fix the link to our new (but still outdated) blog :)