Friday, November 23, 2007

We Skipped Black Friday!

Look, why try to compete with every other retailer out there in the world to offer special savings for one measly day? That's not the VK way! We are jamming new product onto the webstore with SUPER EXCLUSIVE, LIMITED EDITION T-Shirts, JACKETS and Sweatshirts!!

Here's the deal: We will be offering our exclusive WORLD TOUR T-shirts for sale, TO YOU! These are hand printed by Dave himself, with riveted tags and printed labels. Strictly BAD ASS, Vintage
cotton, ready to ROCK! Will these be on sale? No. Can you use you discount code for them? Nada. Will you see your self coming and going everywhere you look in these T's? NOPE!

Exclusiveness has a small price of only $38.99... Pretty bad ass? Yes indeed.

Other stuff coming out:
More hand printed, limited edition T's! We'll save you a trip to the boutique!

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