Monday, December 31, 2007

It's been 3 years since I made the first Vanderkitten branded T-shirts, before we ever even started this business. Over the last 3 years we have learned more than I could have ever imagined! We've been inspired by unlikely people, had uncanny experiences, met amazing people and have made more new friends than a grade schooler!

We entered into the "Cycling Industry", won 3 National Championships, designed our own bikes, kits that got people talking (good and bad)... but people took notice, YOU took notice.

There is nothing esoteric about Vanderkitten. There is nothing fake, phony, empty or contrived. What we offer is a concept that is REAL. It is real, it has not been articulated and developed as a brand like we've done it, and it has been widely praised for it's forward thinking.

Cycling goes Argyle, we go plaid. Cycling goes white, we go black... and guess what? You the people LOVE IT, and we love you!

One comment I received from one of my mentors was that Vanderkitten did not have enough of my voice. In fact, I've helped and guided him in building a very successful new business... he said I gave his business a voice! I have often heard the sentiment that Vanderkitten is a company much larger than it actually is. It's the result of 3 people's passion, skill, determination and inspiration.

For 2008 I want to give Vanderkitten the voice it deserves. As the creator of the business, I suppose that would be mine... and as the inspiration, perhaps it will be Jennie's or as the make it happen guy maybe it's Mark's. I am rewriting the Vanderkitten story, the way I would tell you why I started the business if you asked me. On the new website, it will be my story, our pictures and this journey that includes YOU!!

Every design we do has relevance, and inside "secrets" for design inspiration. Some you will be shocked by, some you will laugh at, some may make you cry. Next week I will tell you how I became inspired to start Vanderkitten, leave a great income and work endlessly into the night, every night...

2008 is going to be an AMAZING year. A year of TRUTH, a year were we stop compromising and start making every move we make count, and every action speak... I hope you join us for this ride, it is going to be unforgettable.

Happy New Year!!
Dave Verrecchia
Vanderkitten- Clothing for Women Who Kick Ass


Liz Hatch said...

Dave, This is the best blog entry you ever written here. All because of YOUR VOICE! I'm so excited and honored to be a small part of this big picture. 2008 is going to be a big year for VK! Much love to you all (I loooove that pic of Raycer, so funny).

PEANUT said...

I second Liz's sentiment!!! Yes, 2008 will be GREAT!! And i too am honored to be flying the Vanderkitten colors!

Frank@2wheelsport said...

Fantastic post! I'm looking forward to working with you and promoting the Vanderkitten brand much more in 2008. Rock on my friend.