Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I Hate You for Being Hot, and Fast!

There are more and more girls out in the world not playing by the rules, embracing their beauty AND kicking ass! Introducing Emily Phillips. You heard it here first, Emily is going to be a household name in a couple of years.

Emily contacted Vanderkitten last year in suggestion that she too kicked ass on 2 wheels. The only difference is her 2 Wheels have engines and up t0 35 HP. Emily races Motocross, and when she's not racing, she is going to school and modeling.

Emily is making the trek out to NorCal from her current home of Texas (she is a So Cal Native) this week to me her extended Vanderkitten Family of Jennie, Dave, Mark, Liz, Hanan and Flavia. Check back often to see what trouble we can stir up with the hottest girls in Cycling AND Motocross!

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