Friday, May 02, 2008

The Kittens Go Back to School and Beaufort Race Report- Melissa Sanborn

School visit: Question and answer about helmets and safety and why we wear such tight clothing! Those kids were super cute and I am sure that we had some influence on getting them out there tonight for the kid’s race!

Our race tonight started at 6pm on the streets of downtown Beaufort , SC. With Vanderkitten Racing having Jennifer Wilson in one of the top 5 spots she got a call to the line. There were massive attacks from the gun and it was full gas for the first 10 laps as riders tried to establish a break. Some laps in, with VK rider Kele Murdin on the attack, Melissa Sanborn countered with a prime win and a break got away.

Unfortunately, it was the decisive move which included Tina Pic, Laura Van Guilder, and Rebecca Larson. Knowing this was a dangerous breakaway, Vanderkitten went on the attack to try and bridge and/or bring it back. The course was a semi-technical course with a narrowing first turn and a hairy turn out of corner three. The wind was slight and the conditions were ideal as riders tried to play their cards in what might have been a bring-back attempt in squelching the break. The break which had almost 35 seconds at the midpoint of the
race, became 10 seconds in the final 3 laps of a 50 lap, 50 kilometer race. It was frustrating to watch!

The cards were not falling for us as they would in an ideal situation! Jen Wilson was having a spasm in her left side and was out of commission for much of the race. Kele had a broken saddle which was replaced quickly in the pit. However, Jenny Trew raced an amazing race and was aggressive throughout and was always on the hunt to bridge the gap that went away. Despite some of our misfortune we still placed 2 riders in the top 10 and grabbed a couple primes. Five more days of racing and we shall git ‘er figured out!

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