Friday, July 25, 2008

Flying Kittens!!

Up, up and away! Vanderkitten athlete and Velo Bella Pro MTB rider Rebecca Gross decided to add "Pilot" to her impressive resume! Here is an email she sent us with pics from her long-range solo flight.

Dear VK- Here are some pics from my uber solo xc flight today out to Burns, Oregon, John Day, Oregon and back to Boise. I almost got the flight service people out searching for me when I was two hours late to close out my flight plan. How can I help it if there are NO landmarks in east Oregon to keep me from getting lost?? And I don't know who decided in John Day, Oregon to put the runway on the top of a cliff but yeesh, that was an interesting approach. I did made it down on the second attempt ;-)
I should be a certified pilot by next week!!! Then I can FINALLY ride my bike again.
- Rebecca

Rebecca is wear the Leo T in pink. This design represents courage and strength and is one of our most popular T's. Check out the new for 2009 update in 2 colors on super-fine, peruvian cotton T's with a longer torso length!

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E(vil) said...

Good luck on your checkride! Flying is awesome and I've absolutely loved every hour I have put in my log book. You will, too.