Friday, August 22, 2008

Maroon Throws Down In Suisun! (Suh-Soon)

photo: Paul Doran

Mary Maroon is a Regional VK racer and represent the team and brand here in Northern California. She won the Suisun (Suh-Soon) crit on July, 17th 2008, putting Vanderkitten once again on the podium!

"Suisun crit was awesome. There were select riders from local teams, a kinda large-ish Touchstone showing, a small handful of a few other teams and a Code3 showed. There were a lot of team tactics by Touchstone, Metromint, and DolceVita. I made sure to keep the Vanderkitten logo very visible. I chased down most attacks, I got in all but 1 or 2 breaks (even though they didn't last long), I TT'd (time trialed) off the front for a little while, got us a prime and a first place.

I know Suisun isn't that big a deal except for it's a Calcup race. I know that If there wasn't a big fat NRC race right now it'd have been a little more challenging. But I also know that a win is a win, that this was pretty cool considering the heavy handed team tactics, and totally fun attacking the field with more than half a lap to go, into the wind, with some of our former teammates desperately trying to hang on. :) Someone asked me for an interview and I probably should have said no. I just hope I did an ok job!
I'm getting excited about the rest of the season."

-Mary Maroon


Kurt said...

Nice work Mary!! Ronald Mariano got a good shot of your grin at the finish.

hopefully the URL doesn't get butchered:

bikeisforgo said...

Hell yeah, Mary!