Sunday, January 18, 2009


Berkeley , Calif. – January 18, 2009

On Saturday Jan 17th, Vanderkitten Racing Elite team member Liz Hatch was involved in a solo-rider accident whilst participating in the Benefit for Women’s ATOC Criterium and All –Sport Team Swift ride outside Santa Rosa, CA. Following a comprehensive examination at the hospital, she was released and is now recovering at home. We wish Liz a quick and healthy recovery.

The Vanderkitten Racing team/club rules state that all members MUST wear an approved helmet at all times. Liz’s helmet in this instance absorbed a majority of the force of her crash, and was destroyed. As always, safety remains our highest priority and hopefully all of us can walk away with a reminder that helmets do reduce injury and save lives.

Please direct any questions or concerns of Liz's recovery or Vanderkitten Racing to the Managing Director: Mark Zefeldt


Juan Montoya Btikbat Consuelo III said...

too many cycling injuries this past ear. godspeed.

velogirl said...

healing thoughts, Liz! but hey, now you have an excuse for being crazy, right? I fell on my head mtn biking a few years ago and I've been using that excuse ever since.


bobble said...

I frickin hate cervical collars!!

Get well soon and don't push it too hard too soon.

Trust me on that..