Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Team Camp Day 1

What a whirlwind! Just as I was relaxing from a long weekend of running bikes, frames and parts all over Nor Cal, I was at it again! Scott, Sandra and Cheez-It came in on Sunday and made it to the end of the race, Sunday night was a brief strategy session, picking up "The Canadians" and going to bed early... 1:45am.

One of the misconceptions of Vanderkitten is by "living life" we encourage the party first, train later mentality. Sure, we like to have fun because life is short, but as these girls were about to find out, when the racing is on, we're all business.

BH Bici on the car

Monday I got to the house early and was swapping old tires for the new Kenda Kriterium and Ultra Light Tubes. We were doing some last minute fit adjustments on the BH's and getting ready to roll-out for an easy 65 miler.

Scott and I rode in the V70 wagon and munched on tidbits of racing strategy and honey-glazed pretzels while the girls and Dave (Cheezit) handily dropped us in down town Walnut Creek. We finally found them and offer we went. There were some zigs and zags, uncertainty about the route, but we made through Alamo and Danville and out to a winding, country road.

The girls were taking turns at the front and the pace was about 20-22 on the flats. Jenny Trew got a flat, and we got her going again in fine fashion and motorpaced her at about 28 up to the rest of the group. Not bad for a girl with a cold the rest of the house would soon catch!

Day 1 Ridin
The day concluded with a stop at Pegasus Cycles and Coffee at Peet's. The coffee was a bit strong for the like of Moriah and Heather, who are self-proclaimed Peet's addicts, so I steered clear and got an iced latte.

The girls took off without the Volvo SAG wagon and we took Flavia back with us to Walnut Creek so she could get to class.

That evening we worked on bikes, adjusted shifters and swapped out bars, stems, etc to get the fits dialed in. It was early to bed for another long day in the saddle. Light's out at a very un-party like 9:45pm.

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