Saturday, March 08, 2008

Well, Since I Actually Rode Today...

We got home from the park with Raycer, where I spent most of the time strategizing on the new iPhone while Raycer did laps on the slide to be greeted by a box from none other than International fan favorite Christine Vardaros!

Well, the package had some weight to it... could it be, CHOCOLATE FROM BELGIUM?! I immediately opened this wonderous gift of caloric devastation and dug in!! There is Chocolate, a Flanderkitten TM flag, some biscuits and waffles! (Not as good as Cyclo Sportif's though).

I don't really eat too many sweets, but I LOVE chocolate... in fact, that's why Liz and I get along so well: She hates chocolate, I LOVE chocolate... so I get her left-overs.

Well, I am shaking from the sugar and realizing I should have eaten lunch first, but it's just too good!


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