Tuesday, April 29, 2008

2009 Products to Include Active Wear and Cycling Lines

Vanderkitten has just released a product overview for what to expect in 2009 from the hottest brand in cycling- ACTIVE WEAR. In addition to hot new jersey designs and our top quality casual wear, Vanderkitten will be adding jackets, hoodies, and performance athletic apparel suitable for B-girls, Yoginis, runners and outdoors enthusiasts.

"Our product development is focused on causal apparel with technical properties and exotic fibers including carbon, bamboo and recycled cotton and polyester. We will offer styles that will truly take you from the bike to the cafe to the mountains and perform under all demands," announced Vanderkitten's creator, David Verrecchia. "From natural, odor-neutralizing properties, to reduction of natural and man-made resources, to better performing and fitting garments, the 2009 Vanderkitten line will support active, feminine, fashion-forward lifestyles."

Our product-tester program will enable us to make garments for the future that fit a wide range of needs from mountain biking to yoga to dance. We will strive to add functionality to every garment we can without compromising style or wear-ability.

Also in development is a revolutionary cycling short design that will "greatly improve the fit and comfort of cycling shorts for women." If testing is successful, look for this feature to be an exclusive on all Vanderkitten shorts and related garments in the near future. "We still have a lot of development to do, but initial designs have us moving in the right direction" adds David.

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