Saturday, April 26, 2008

Freeride's Owner- Jackie Baker

Sea Otter Smiles on Vanderkitten

Vanderkitten arrived on scene at Sea Otter to showcase our new clothing, cycling team wear and support our Adventure Racing teams, Mountain Bike team and Road Team. Most people are unaware that our sponsorships run sie wide in the sport of cycling, but if you're gonna change the face of the sport, you need to do it on every front.

The weekend began under sunny, warm skies in Salinas and we were selling out of shirts the first day! By the end of the second day, it was back to Berkeley for a healthy restocking for Saturday's rush. In the women's pro short track, Patty Buerkle battled hard before being pulled just laps from the end. Lost Coast Brewery's Maureen Kunz, 3x 2007 National Expert Champ for Vanderkitten, rounded out the finishing field in 15th, the top Vanderkitten sponsored athlete.

The Adventure racing Team Racing With Giants/Vanderkitten swept the podium and gave us our first appearance of the weekend. That would be followed up by Amanda Miller's decisive victory for Vanderkitten in the 19-29 Women's Expert catagory finishing nearly 3 minutes ahead of 2nd place, with Emma Worldpeace of Lost Coast Brewery coming in a strong 5th.

The Road team was in town to promote our sponsors and work out the kinks leading into mid season. A tough, extrememly cold and windy race got the better of the Vanderkitten team, but redemption was just a week a week away in Athens at the twilight Crit...

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Team Lost Coast Brewery said...

Vanderkitten was definitely representing for the dirt girls at Sea Otter! Congrats on the stellar performances and thanks for the mentions. And I love the pic of Jackie in the speed suit- hot!