Monday, March 16, 2009

VK's Melodie Metzger Takes 2nd at Tri-Flow Menlo Park Grand Prix!!

Photo: Kurt Harvey

VK's Melodie Metzger, Charlotte Hart, and Mary Maroon came out in force for the Tri-Flow Menlo Park Grand Prix on March 8th!  With the help of her super awesome kitten teammates, Melodie took second to Tibco's Brooke Miller. 

Below is race recap from VK's Charlotte Hart:

Considering I'm coming back from pulling my groin (long ski story) Menlo was a much better race for me than Merco.  The pace was fast -- Sugar CRM was really aggressive launching attacks and of course Tibco was countering and covering everything.  I tried to stay up front and go with moves, and at one point with Mel on the front I jumped to chase two girls off the front.  A few laps later on the backside of the course I did the same for her and got in a nice block allowing her to open a big gap before the pack woke up.  All in all, for only a three person team we were doing a good job of being defensive!


With three to go I moved up and passed Mel -- who I think grabbed my wheel and followed.  But tunnel vision during racing always surprises me.  Anyhow I was able to take Brooke Miller's wheel with 3 to go.  I was ultra surprised!  Then the elbows for her wheel in the corners started flying and I remember thinking, why are girls jabbing me?  Oh, duh I'm on the WHEEL to have.  Initially I knew Brooke would be plan B (insider's knowledge ha) and that they would try to get one of their riders in a break.  However, since it was going to be a bunch sprint, plan A was to lead Brooke out.  So I was in great position as the laps wound down.  With one to go, Sugar CRM attacked forcing Brooke to chase.  I followed in pursuit but the gap she opened was as big as the Atlantic Ocean.  I bridged and then burned.  The effort gassed me.  But considering I've been training lightly it was no surprise.  What was good is that the rest of the riders came across with me and I'm sure that helped Mel stay in perfect position to light the sprint up.

Below is a pic of Vk's Mary Maroon working the field!

Photo: Kurt Harvey

Photo: Kurt Harvey

Next up for Vanderkitten Racing?  Redlands Classic!  Come out and support the super fast ladies of Vanderkitten Racing!!

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