Tuesday, April 21, 2009

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The Sea Slaughter 2009 Report: by Melodie Metzger

Every year this race invokes a strong love-hate response in me and this year proved to be no different. Love it because it brings together cycling enthusiasts from all disciplines and all parts of the world. Hate it because the promoters charge too much darn money. Love it because it was my first non-collegiate race back in 2001 as a mountain biker. Hate it because it is such a hard and relentless course that gets me every time.
This year the trip to Sea Otter was a quick one-day stop to represent Vanderkitten in Saturday's circuit race. The non-NRC status attracted a smaller-than-usual, but still powerful and talented field. Tibco and Colavita were the two heavy hitters, but Easton-Sugar CRM proved to be the most active early in the race using their numbers to hit the field with attacks on every part of the course. My thoughts were to try and get Vanderkitten in a break, but nothing was sticking. I was in one promising break for a few laps, but it was early and my break-partner didn't have the juice to keep up the pace necessary to stay away. I blew a few too many matches with this and a few other attempts and ended up running out of steam in the crucial last 5 laps of the race. A large group of 15 broke from the field and I failed to make it over the top with them. I finished 20th and Lizzer, Mary, and Virginia were not far behind.
I had a great time at the race, seeing old friends, hanging out with the team, checking in with our amazingly generous sponsors, and taking pictures with fans. All-in-all I walked away feeling happy that I went this year.
I look forward to cheering on the team from across the pond while they kick ass at speed week next week!
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M^2, P0, The Butcher

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